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Secure Windows 10 Client Deployment

Regardless of the organisations client delivery method, be that a virtual desktop, physical pc \ laptop or even Windows to Go or a Compute Stick the client environment should be secure by default.

RJ Technology are a consultancy who specialise in End User Computing. We can assist organisations with their move to a new operating system, software delivery method, virtual desktop environment, application packaging and profile management solution.

Moving to Windows 10?

If your organisation is looking to make a move to Windows 10, we can assist and make the deployment a success. We have the Windows 10 design and deployment experience that will ensure that your migration goes smoothly.

When introducing Windows 10 in a mixed environment careful attention needs to be taken at the design stage to ensure that the existing estate is maintained. It is important that Group Policies do not leak, profiles and application compatibility are maintained. Having performed a number of Windows 10 deployments we have the experience to help.

Windows 10 Deployment Consultancy

We are able to assist your organisation at any stage of your project, we have specialists that can assist or own all areas of a deployment:

> Planning and Architecture

> Hardware Selection

> Core Infrastructure Deployment

> Encryption Solutions

> User Workspace Controls and Profile Management

> Active Directory Structure, Controls and Group Policy Baselines

> Image Engineering

> Application Packaging and Deployment

> Deployment Scenarios

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