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CPA DirectAccess Remote Working Solution

Microsoft DirectAccess in Windows 7 and 8.1 have both been certified as meeting the equivalent of Foundation Grade requirements, as described in the CESG Document Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 (IPsec gateway and DirectAccess gateway). This means that DirectAccess can be used by government office’s for OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE business.

With many organisations moving towards a mobile and flexible working strategy, the need for secure remote access is ever increasing. Implementing a secure solution that is not only certified by CESG for PSN, convenient and easy to use for businesses, is a cost effective solution, and at the same time upholds confidentiality, Integrity and availability is always going to be a challenge.

Microsoft’s DirectAccess remote access technology allows for a secure seamless and transparent always on network connection back to the corporate environment. It uses a collection of widely deployed industry standard protocols for its connection. Authentication occurs at several stages of the multi-tunnel IPSec connection and uses a combination of digital certificates, NTLM and Kerberos. Clients are configured through group policy. A specific set of CPA customisations are needed to configure DirectAccess in order to be compliant in CESG assured manner.

Here at RJ Technology our consultants can implement a new solution or review existing implementations of DirectAccess and verify that its configuration falls in line with CESG PSN coco framework to keep your information secure.

If you have any queries regarding its implementation or security implications for your organisation we can offer advice.

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